Welcome to Far Outside the Box!

This page is dedicated to “A Common Sense Approach to Fitness and Nutrition”.

With the current climate in the fitness world being all about magic potions, detoxing, fitness fads, and silly gadgets we decided to start a page that gets back to the basics…and gets back to how real results are attained.

What can you expect from Far Outside the Box?

Expect a common sense approach to fitness and nutrition. Expect more use of the scientific method and less of marketing jargon. Expect a SIMPLE approach to fitness and nutrition but not an EASY one.

The amount of money in the fitness and supplement industry has severely blurred the lines between “Effective” and “Popular”. It is our mission at Far Outside the Box to make those lines more clear. What you will read on here may not always be the most popular methods of achieving fitness, but based on the scientific method they are the most effective.

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Happy Training and Thanks for Visiting!

The Far Outside the Box Team