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Control Your Flame

Are you a long, slow burner or do you explode, crash, and fall apart? What I mean by that is, do you go 100% all of the time until you have absolutely nothing left in the tank and you hate life, or are you good at maintaining 70% for the long haul. Are you sustainable…

**VIDEO** Far Outside the Coaching Lab

What is going on, Team?! Coach Cody Hunter of Hunter Coaching Lab and myself get so many questions from clients about the fitness industry, training, and nutrition that we wanted to share some of them along with our responses. Take the time to listen to us chat about what’s new, what’s hot, and what actually…

My Workout is Better Than Yours!

A letter to coaches and athletes:   “Crossfit is dumb, you should be doing gymnastics.” “Gymnastics is lame…you should be powerlifting.” “Powerlifting is dangerous, you should be running!” Ahhhh…the endless circle of hell that is “My workout is better than yours and here is why…” This is awesome! Let’s face it…we humans are a tribal bunch….

I’m taking the week off and leaving my sister in charge….

This week I am letting my little sister take the reigns of faroutsidethebox. She has an amazing story to tell about her struggles with chronic pain, and how after years of fighting, she has developed a path forward. Her story ties in with what we will be pushing during the upcoming Evolve Challenge that no matter…

Having a hard time RX’ing Your WODs? We’ve got the fix and you are not gonna like it!

Every year I set aside 2-3 months that are dedicated to achieving specific goals. I have found this to be an incredibly effective way to become an all-around better athlete. The goals are wide ranging but the rules remain the same: No booze Eat quality foods Develop a program specific to the task at hand….