Assess, Process, Execute

Ahhh… decisions decisions decisions. When I served in the Army, we would watch entire PowerPoint presentations on the “decision making process”. I always thought it was a goofy subject to have to focus so much time on. Recently my mind has changed. 

The Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) is an ongoing cycle the allows leaders to make the best possible decision in all situations.

Tite (our amazing Rottie) and I were walking up our street when we came up on a fire outside one of the restaurants. While it was small it started with paint cans on a wall so it could have grown quickly (the deck was on fire too). People were crowded around calling fire rescue. People were yelling, recording, and doing all sorts of things except the only thing that mattered….putting out the fire.

We walked over to the 7-11 next door and asked for a fire extinguisher….walked over to the fire, followed the instructions on the extinguisher and used it to quickly put the fire out. The fire dept show up and the old ladies immediately pointed to me saying I saved the day (I convinced the fire department that Titan put out the fire).

Tite being congratulated for saving the day!

So what made me different than the other 30 people out there who were quite content watching a building burn while waiting for help? The only difference was a decision. I ASSESSED the situation. I PROCESSED what action I would take, and I then EXECUTED that action. The process of “Assess, Process, Execute” is a cycle that I try to always have going through my mind. Humans should not go through their life not being consciously aware of the decisions they are making. 

While the Military Decision Making Process (link) is a longer, multiple step process, the major take away is humans must consciously assess each situation, process action they will take, and execute that action. 

When you are too tired to train, take these steps before just throwing in the towel. Assess why you are tired. Process what the ramifications are if you do not train that day, then execute your decision. This three step process puts you in control of your life. I challenge all of my readers to take on the decision making process and apply it to everything in your day. You will quickly find a renewed sense of control.


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