My Workout is Better Than Yours!

A letter to coaches and athletes:


“Crossfit is dumb, you should be doing gymnastics.” “Gymnastics is lame…you should be powerlifting.” “Powerlifting is dangerous, you should be running!” Ahhhh…the endless circle of hell that is “My workout is better than yours and here is why…”

This is awesome!

Let’s face it…we humans are a tribal bunch. We want to belong to a group and when we finally do belong we tend to shit on other groups. It happens by race, religion, region, class, and yes, it even happens in fitness. I’ve never understood this deep seeded human mentality. Many psychologists will tell you that it was necessary for survival when we were nomadic groups wandering vast lands. While that makes sense, I often wonder why we haven’t outgrown it. It seems deep seeded in everything we do.

…and so is this…

Well when it comes to fitness, my only response to this is “Cut the shit”. You know what? YOUR gymnastics routine IS awesome. I agree, but you know what else is awesome? That girl over there deadlifting 315 for reps, and that guy over there that just ran 26.2 miles, and look…that group just crushed a 100 mile bike ride! How awesome is that? The fact is it is all awesome.

….and so is this….

The most recent trend I’ve seen is the joy some “fitness professionals” get pissing all over other people’s routines. I use the term “professional” very loosely because I don’t know of any other profession where one subset pisses on another. I’ve never heard of an orthopedic surgeon mocking an anesthesiologist because they cannot repair a messed up knee. Nope…the ortho recognizes that they need the anesthesiologist in their circle so that they can repair a knee with minimal pain. Two different professions working together toward the same goal.

So why do I see gymnastics coaches pissing all over Crossfit coaches saying Crossfit bastardizes gymnastics? I think we can all recognize they may not be the same thing, but to the average fitness enthusiast, they amount to the same goals and similar outcomes. Interestingly, Crossfit has acted as a bit of a “gateway drug” for people that have gotten into more specific workouts. Participation in Olympic Lifting events has skyrocketed in the past 5 years, and that is directly related to Crossfitters finding a sport they like and digging deeper into it. The same can be said for gymnastics, endurance events, power lifting, and many other modalities.

.…and so is this…

…and yes…even this is awesome! 

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. As coaches we want fit and happy clients. As athletes, we want to get better, not plateau, and continue to enjoy what we do. But do we really need to shit on someone else’s plate in order to find that happiness? If you do, I charge you to dig deep and find out why. Reach beyond your own basic human instinct and evolve beyond your primitive self. Come out of your cave and into the land of electricity, airplanes, smartphones, and 9 million different ways for your athlete to obtain a sweet six pack.

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