Is Crossfit a Metaphor for How to Live Your Life?

The Well Rounded Human

We all strive to be well rounded athletes, but do we do the same in other aspects of life?

I am of the belief that all humans should find something that they are experts in. A group of experts in a variety of skills, all working together toward a common goal is a powerful thing.

This expert is trusted with saving lives. He probably uses another expert in the field of saving money, and another expert in the field of repairing his car, etc. Having an expertise makes you someone who contributes to society as a whole.

I also believe humans should strive to be a jack of all BASIC trades. What does this mean? Well from a Crossfitter’s point of view this would be an athlete that does many things well. They have a basic level of weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and callisthenic skills. They move well through various domains.

Junior Nationals Champion Weightlifter Mat Fraser is now known as Crossfit Champion Mat Fraser when he went beyond his own expertise to become a jack of all trades in other domains.

From a human standpoint it is the person that is an expert in one field but at the same time learns from experts in other fields. An easy example of this is the Soldier. A well-rounded Soldier may have a specific skillset that they bring to the unit, but at the same time trains in many domains that may be required on the battlefield. An expert in field artillery is normally not within close range of the enemy. They may never use hand to hand combat against the enemy. Nevertheless they train as if it could happen at any time. All Soldiers are also trained in the basics of first aid so that they can keep their brothers and sisters alive until the experts arrive.

Just because a Soldier’s Military Occupational Specialty may be putting fire downrange from a distance, does not mean they are lax in their close combat skills.

You don’t have to be a Soldier to apply this successful methodology to your life. What is your expertise that betters your group? What are the other skills you have that make you a well-rounded human?  Do you have the capability of helping your friends if they are injured? Are you able to fend off an attack on either yourself or someone else in need? How do you contribute?

Ensure you are always learning…both within the confines of your expertise and outside of that box. Get your CPR / AED Certification. Take a martial arts class. Learn a new sport or hobby. Have multiple ways to contribute.

Becoming more well rounded can be as easy as a Saturday morning certification class.

In life, we all need to be a jack of all trades and a master of ONE. Are you there yet?

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