Follow These Steps to Kick Ass in the Open!

Ahhh the Open. The time of year that my friends and I chat non-stop about what we DON’T want to see in the weekly announcement. We stress so much about what our weaknesses that we tend to miss the basics. So with that I present… A link to each of the basics for performing at your best.

Lets face it, if you can’t snatch 135lbs…you are not going to get it for multiple reps in the Open. What you can do is focus on the following:

BREATHE! : This is number one on my list because it is where I see so many failing. In the ’16 Open one of the WODs consisted of 55 DLs and the people that were crushed by this were those who could not establish a solid breathing pattern. My man Zach Filer at Crossfit Kettlebell and NorthWest Strength and Conditioning does an awesome #Breathelikeaboss series every Open giving tips on breathing techniques specific to each Open WOD. FOLLOW HIM! This is a gamechanger. Check out Zach on Instagram!

PACING! : Similar to breathing, people kill themselves due to bad pacing. We’ve already seen this in 17.1. Athletes jumped out of the gate at lightning speed and by the 2nd or 3rd round of burpees they knew they were in big trouble. This ties in with breathing. If you are losing control of your breath 3 minutes into a 20 minute chipper, you might be going too fast. Dial it back, regain control.

 Redlining too early is something we have all done during a WOD, don’t let it happen in The Open

WARM UP! : The biggest newbie mistake people make is not warm up for complex movements. The excuse we all hear is “I don’t want to waste any reps”. This is nonsense. If you are not properly warmed up one of two things will happen:

1) You muscle through movements that could have otherwise been achieved with skill and finesse, leading to a faster burnout

2) You injure yourself. BYE BYE OPEN!

GET YOUR HEAD RIGHT! : Mark Divine of SEALFIT states “The First Premise is to win in your mind before you enter the arena. There are many aspects of being able to do this well. However, no matter how focused and in control you are, if you allow negativity to creep in and stay in your mind for long, you will sabotage all efforts.” Take yourself through the workout in your head and when you do, make sure you do amazing! As Henry Ford states “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”

It’s not the physically strongest that make it through elite Military training, it’s those that already won in their heads

So that’s it for this week. If you don’t yet have muscle ups, I can’t help you there the week of the Open, but if it comes down to grinding away for the best time or the most reps, the athlete with that breathes right, paces well, and is warmed up will come out on top!

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