Monthly archives: February, 2017

It’s Time to EVOLVE!

Team, It is GO TIME for March’s Evolve Challenge. If you have not completed an Evolve Challenge before, I promise you it is an experience you will never forget. There is a reason over 50% of our participants are return customers, and that is because the results we bring to our athletes speak for themselves….

Learn and Play New Sports!

and more importantly, never stop being a kid! I am pumped to be back training with Coach Jiho at Parkour Generations Korea starting next week. My goal is to be half as good as this young man…. If you are in Seoul, check these guys out. They always support our Evolve Athletes (Sign up here!). Anyhow…check this…

I’m taking the week off and leaving my sister in charge….

This week I am letting my little sister take the reigns of faroutsidethebox. She has an amazing story to tell about her struggles with chronic pain, and how after years of fighting, she has developed a path forward. Her story ties in with what we will be pushing during the upcoming Evolve Challenge that no matter…

Having a hard time RX’ing Your WODs? We’ve got the fix and you are not gonna like it!

Every year I set aside 2-3 months that are dedicated to achieving specific goals. I have found this to be an incredibly effective way to become an all-around better athlete. The goals are wide ranging but the rules remain the same: No booze Eat quality foods Develop a program specific to the task at hand….


  IT IS TIME TO GO TO WAR! US Army Ranger and UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy has a saying that we at F.O.B. try to adhere to daily: “Every time you train, train with the motivation and purpose that you will be the hardest person someone ever tries to kill.” When I served in the…